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From the raw material to the perfect substrate, that is the world of terracult.

We at terracult have been involved in the extraction and processing of peat raw materials for almost 25 years. Our partners in the Baltic countries and Belarus have more than 20,000 ha of raw material areas.

Sphagnum peat has the ideal conditions for the production of innovative peat substrates for commercial horticulture.

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Terracult International your partner for peat raw materials and peat growing substrates.

Terracult International is a German company with an international focus, specialised in the production and distribution of peat and substrate products.

We are partner-oriented and consistently focused on cooperation with our wholesale partners. Experience and expertise in all aspects of peat, peat-culture substrates, global logistics relationships at the best conditions, professional sales and marketing support based on the latest findings – this is what the Terracult International brand stands for.