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We hope that you are in good health. All in all, the horticultural industry, in the wake of SARS-CoV-2, has once again reminded us how important our products are for food production, a green home and a sustainable, healthy environment.

Peat and coconut are the most important raw material resources, which differ greatly in their important properties. Peat is unique, not only because of its good physical properties but also due to the versatile humic and fulvic acids that help to build healthy roots, increase nutrient uptake and ensure healthy development in all stages of growth. The chelating properties of humates improve the absorption of nutrients.

Furthermore, humic acids promote ion exchange and the buffering capacity of the substrate. Coconut substrates could be significantly improved in quality and crop safety by adding humin-rich additives.


Successful vegetable cultivation in small trays with TC4

The cultivation of young vegetable plants in very small, multi-cell trays requires a substrate with particularly high requirements to ensure germination, root development and nutrient supply in the first 4-6 weeks. Only a substrate rich in humic substances offers an optimal start for the further development of the plants. The trend is increasingly moving from the soil pots to the much more economical cultivation in trays.


The influence of long transport and storage times

Long transport and storage times can lead to microbial and chemical conversion processes and volume shrinkage.
Sufficient loosening and aeration prevent anaerobic reaction processes and the formation of saprophytic fungal mycelia. For long-stored substrate stocks (usually longer than one year), we recommend a nutrient substrate analysis.

Slow-release fertilizer upon customer request

Upon request, we can also supply substrates with slow-release fertilizer such as Osmocote. In principle, only order the quantity that will immediately be used. In the case of longer periods of transport, this time must be taken into account when choosing the fertilizer. Osmocote Exact Protect is ideal for delaying the release of plant nutrients from the fertilizer. More information is available at service@terracult.com.

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By updating and expanding our ready-to-use substrates, we cover a wide range of substrate solutions. An overview of general substrate recommendations can be found here.


A conversion table for the substrate requirements in big bales, bales or bags of your pot or container crop facilitates your determination of requirements. More information


Finally, we offer individual substrate advice based on a crop checklist, which allows us to make the best substrate recommendation with a precise situation analysis. More information