About terracult

Terracult is a of Floragard, which has established itself on the international market through its longtime experience with peat and peat substrates. A large selection of high quality raw materials and substrates as well as efficient production partners in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus stand for quality and reliable deliveries.

The brand "terracult" represents our commitment to international customers to offer the best quality and excellent service. Our two product brands "terracult green" (raw material line) and "terracult blue" (substrate line) are successfully represented today on all continents in more than 50 countries.

"terracult green" stands for block peat, milled peat, plowed peat and black peat varieties in many qualities. "terracult blue" consists of an entire range of high quality peat substrates.

Our values

Customer orientation

The basis of our close cooperation with customers and partners is always a pragmatic and customer-oriented approach: Here we are happy to act as a “problem solver” and offer advice and assistance.


Our customers and partners benefit from our many years of experience and the professional qualifications of our employees. Continuous theoretical and practical training assure our strong consulting expertise.


The continuous dialog with our customers, our manufacturers and our logistics partners in the Baltic States enables us to continuously develop new solutions and ways to improve our products and services.


Our goal is to handle each of our customers’ and partners‘ desires and requests efficiently and in due time, and to thereby inform them about order and delivery processes by always providing current information.


Because we are jointly responsible for the success of our customers and partners, we are committed to being highly motivated and focused in order to achieve the best possible results.


Each employee stands behind his/her actions to the best of his/her ability and is aware of the associated responsibilities to our customers and partners.


Our actions are always guided by appreciative, honest communication and mutual trust. We have respect for our customers, employees, suppliers and the environment.

Peats are renewable sphagnum mosses. The yearly increase of the valuable natural product is much greater than the amount that is harvested for the production of high-quality substrates, which are used for the propagation and cultivation of millions of new plants each year.

Our team

Rainer Lindner
Rainer Lindner

Senior Consultant
Dipl.-Ing. Horticulture

Jan Mühlena
Jan Mühlena

Product Manager and Sales
German, English
+49 2241 94488-14

Heiko Thomas
Heiko Thomas

Export Manager and Sales
German, English, Spanish
+49 2241 94488-13

Susanne Kuhnert
Susanne Kuhnert

Export Manager and Sales
German, English, French
+49 2241 94488-18

Christian Bublic
Christian Bublic

German, English, Spanish

Manuela Bildstein
Manuela Bildstein

Administrative Officer
German, English, Polish

Marina Tiessen
Marina Tiessen

Administration and Accounting
German, Russian
+49 2241 94488-10


If you are interested in distributing the Terracult brand in your country, please contact us.