New peat harvest starts, proper handling of substrates!


In the next few days, the new harvest will start in most of the Baltic peat plants. It will last until the fall, once the sun and wind allow a sufficient drying.

Therefore, in the next weeks we expect a normalization of the supply situation. The new harvest means light goods, better unloading and an improved quality due to good physical properties with respect to air and water capacity.

However, we do not anticipate price concessions from the suppliers before September. Only then, after taking stock of the actual harvest quantities, we will be able to make a prognosis about the further price development.

Professional handling of substrates

The German Quality Assurance Association “Gütegemeinschaft Substrate für Pflanzenbau e.V.” (GGS) has published an updated version of the proper handling of substrates (can be read here as a PDF).

It provides valuable information and tips on the treatment of substrates from storage, volume control to subsequent fertilization. Our production partners are members of the GGS and produce substrates according to their guidelines.

For any technical questions please contact Mr. Jan Mühlena.