terracult green sod peat

Within our raw material line terracult green, we offer block peat, milled peat and black peat in many different qualities - from extra fine sieved material to peat fiber. Please let us know which fractions are best for you. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our products. In order for you to get a better idea about the different qualities we offer, take a look below at the pictures of our products.

Package Sizes

terracult offers its customers a wide range of package sizes with its product line terracult green - from the 25 L compact packaging to the 150 L, 250 L and 300 L pressed bales, packed loosely or on a pallet. Bulk purchasers may request large bales of black peat containing 3,500 L or big bales of white peat ranging from 5.0 m³ to 7.0 m³ on single-use, EPAL or ISPM-15 pallets.

Customer about terracult green

Johannes Brauweiler from the tree nursery Brauweiler in Swistal-Essig cultivates his plants in 5 to 160 liter containers. "The finer products get wet too fast", says Brauweiler. For him "only coarse block peat with stable structures" comes into consideration because the crops can be grown over a longer period of time without much loss.


Each of terracult's production facilities has its own quality features, which, like the composition of peat, are also limited geographically, climatically and due to technical reasons during harvesting. Therefore, the qualities for the same varieties are not always comparable. We are happy to advise you on the correct selection.