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For years, coconut has proven itself excellently in the hydroponic cultivation of vegetables and cut flowers and has successfully replaced rock wool and other minerals.

Peat substrates with coconut

terracult has supplied peat substrates with coconut for several years. The fast rewetting ability, capillarity and good water distribution characterize coconut raw materials. Especially the valuable fibers and coarse fractions are preferably mixed into peat substrates.

Coco Growing Media

terracult offers a wide range of coco substrates. Assured quality raw materials are used in different fractions of fine, medium and coarse. This results in an optimal balance of air and water capacity. By adding sphagnum peat rich in humic acid the pH and nutrients are "buffered". Too high nutrient concentrations that disturb growth are avoided.

terracult uses the outstanding features and benefits of the two most important and valuable substrate materials, and offers a full range of modern and reliable horticultural substrates.

Terracult coir products