About terracult

Terracult is a subsidiary of AQUARIUS GROUP LIMITED (AQL), which has established itself on the international market through its longtime experience with peat and peat substrates. A large selection of high quality raw materials and substrates as well as efficient production partners in Latvia and Lithuania stand for quality and reliable deliveries.

The brand "terracult" represents our commitment to international customers to offer the best quality and excellent service. Our two product brands "terracult green" (raw material line) and "terracult blue" (substrate line) are successfully represented today on all continents in more than 50 countries.

"terracult green" stands for block peat, milled peat, plowed peat and black peat varieties in many qualities, "terracult blue" consists of an entire range of high quality peat substrates and "terracult brown" stands for peat substrates with coir.

terracult green
terracult blue
terracult brown